Windermere agents are passionate about real estate done exceptionally well.


We are a winning team that values integrity, teamwork, and professionalism. Building meaningful, lasting relationships, and helping our clients achieve real estate success is our most important area of focus. Relentlessly pursuing excellence on behalf of our clients is always our true north.

We believe that we earn the respect and the business of those in our community by our actions: Honest business practices, the relentless drive for excellence, and our ongoing dedication to development and innovation.

Our Agents are community servant-leaders who put their clients first and are driven to win.

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Your potential is limitless: Our team at Windermere Woodinville has the tools, development process, and legal know-how to help you successfully serve more home buyers and sellers.

Our marketing tools are some of the most user-friendly and robust in the industry: Our in-house support team, tech tools, mentorship, and accessibility to the best minds in local real estate are at your fingertips. The time is now: We’ll teach you how to successfully transition your business and ensure you’re set up for success.

Our company culture is more than a sign on the wall: We are a team first, business second. We value freedom and flexibility to make your business what you want it to be and we’re motivated to see each other succeed. We have fun while being a pillar of our community.

The future of real estate is bright: Buyers & sellers are people first; they do not want a computer to help them through one of the biggest financial changes of their lives. Windermere, the local real estate industry leader, is on the cutting edge of what’s happening in our industry, and our broker, Keith Wells, is a real estate attorney who is accessible and approachable to help you problem solve and ideate new ways of doing business at a moment’s notice.


Our agents value the freedom, independence, and high earning potential of a career with Windermere. They find joy in helping others and exceeding their clients’ expectations. Leading-edge marketing, productivity tools, and training empower our agents to maintain a high level of personalized service, productivity, and success while bringing more balance to their lives.


11.XX.2020 Post
Keith Wells

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